Choose from a wide range of Fine China, Vitrified, Porcelain and melamine dinnerware.

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Dudson Fine China

Dudson Fine China

Brilliant white and translucent, Dudson fine China is the logical choice for any restaurant, hotelier and caterer wishing to offer sophistication and elegance.
  • Industrial microwave and dishwasher safe, with the exception of precious metal decorations.  
  • Space saving shapes for ease of stackability.  
  • Most decorations applied under glaze, preventing wear and fading caused by daily use.
  • A fully glazed smooth ‘foot’ greatly reduces abrasion and scratching in use.
Dudson Vitrified Hotelware

Dudson Vitrified Hotelware

Dudson Vitrified Hotel ware offers an extensive range of bold, exciting designs and shapes that cater to any establishment.  

  • Vitrified is made non-porous during firing. Ingredients like silica turn into glass at these high temperatures, giving the china its translucent appearance.  
  • The hardworking, hardwearing nature of Dudson Finest Vitrified crockery can withstand the rigorous and challenging requirements of a fast paced multi use foodservice operation.
  • The 'rolled edge' flatware comes with a lifetime chip resistance guarantee.
DPS Tableware

DPS Tableware

Orientix - Premier Bone China

Orientix - Premier Bone China

Orientix, a simplistic design with a distinct oriental influence, offers a comprehensive selection of pieces to maximise creativity on the tabletop.
The soft creamy tone of the glaze adds a subtle sophistication for fine dining establishments and domestic use.
Orientix meets the trend for Pacific Rim tableware, allowing food to be presented in a stylish yet uncomplicated manner.
This stunning collection incorporates a wide range of shapes, adding flair as well as versatility to any dining occasion.
* Fully Vitrified
* Microwave and Dishwasher safe
* Comprehensive selection of shapes and sizes
* All items available from stock

Steelite - Freedom

Steelite - Freedom

The Freedom range is designed to help individuals maintain their independence by providing an innovative solution to eating and drinking.

Freedom is a perfect example of an innovative range designed for a market with specific and sensitive needs. All of the product design features address problems that individuals may face with restricted mobility.

The range has been developed by Steelite International’s design studio with specific features in mind:
• The plates feature a cleverly designed undercut shoulder which is helpful in getting the food onto a spoon or fork. This greatly enhances the ease of eating without assistance.
• A wide food area adds stability and helps to hold the plate in place during a meal. The curved rim profile catches any tricky overspill and prevents foods from slipping onto the tabletop.
The mug features two sturdy handles large enough to accommodate unsteady fingers and enabling a steady satisfying drink.
• A wide base on the mug means easy placement after drinking and the
avoidance of spillage.
• All items are available in  a range of four cheerful colours which aid recognition of the food surface.
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