North Lincolnshire Council

From: Sharon Seddon, Head of Catering & Cleaning 
I have always found Johnsons Catering Equipment to be an excellent company with great quality products. They also give fantastic service and excellent value in their products. Johnson's always understand what is needed by us and always deliver the goods time after time.
I have been a customer for over 10 years now. Lynn and her team are always polite, accurate and helpful. Quotes are always provided promptly and are competitive, which is vital in current climates.
Johnson's communicates at all levels in our business, keeping us abreast of the market trends and exciting new product opportunities, and fully supports our business initiatives. They have also been a very keen supporter of LACA and attended many local events over the years.
The equipment supplied to North Lincolnshire Council has always been excellent in every way. Our cook loves using these items, even creating a little jealousy between those who have and those who have not. In addition, our customers love the front of house products, which give our counters and food a much better look.
Dealing with Johnson's takes away a lot of the headaches for us as we know the equipment will be fit for purpose, easy to use and be backed up by the customer services that is necessary to allow us to get on with our day job.

EATS Catering at Broke Hall CP School

From: Broke Hall Primary School, Ipswich 

Head Mistress                   Jenny Barr

Catering Manager            Lesley Love

EATS Catering Business Development & Support Manager           Mr Chris Denny

A new scheme for school lunches was launched at Broke Hall Primary School in July 2013. Working closely with EATS Catering, and using eco-friendly, reusable Eco-Takeout boxes,the school has developed a new lunch time food concept called “Pick & Mix”, offering a two course freshly prepared self-serve ‘packed lunch’ made in the school kitchen. The Pick & Mix is the same price as a traditional hot meal and gives the children more choice, as well as healthy options, and reduces queues by offering an additional  service point.  This additional service is offered three days a week Monday – Wednesday.  The concept has been so successful it has now been rolled out to 10 schools, with more to follow.

The food is laid out on to 4 separate tables with different coloured tablecloths. Children are given an Eco Takeout Box at the till, which they bring along to the tables to make their choices. The children fill the Eco Takeout box with 4 portions of food - one choice from each of the tables, which includes a minimum of 2 healthy options.

After use the children stack the boxes on a clearing station ready for washing. 

Lesley Love, the Catering Manager at Broke Hall commented that the children prefer the Pick & Mix option, and there is less food waste when compared to hot meals. EATS developed the Pick & Mix idea as a way to increase school meal uptake by appealing equally to school meal and packed lunch students. It is a great way of controlling the contents of a packed lunch to ensure healthy options are included.

Since the scheme was implemented the school has seen an increase in children who choose a school meal by over 30%

Jenny Cook, Head Teacher at Broke Hall has embraced the changes. She said “Prior to implementation of the Pick & Mix scheme it was important to involve the children and other team members. We held meetings to discuss how the system would be implemented logistically, the quality and types of food to include, and what style and size of food box would be ideal for the children to handle. The Eco Takeout box was chosen because the children find them much easier to hold than disposable containers or paper bags, and the school is keen to reduce waste and litter.”  Eco Takeout boxes are made of sturdy polypropylene,  are stackable and dishwasher safe.  They can be used 100’s and 100’s of times, reducing litter and waste sent to landfill, whilst providing significant cost savings compared to disposables.

North Manchester Hospital

From: Howard Cartledge, Catering Manager 

At North Manchester Hospital, Catering Manager Howard Cartledge was striving to cut costs and meet sustainability targets. He introduced eco-takeouts which can be used 1000's of times, in place of disposables in the staff restaurant. Howard says that the containers are great for hot and cold food, they look good, are easy to stack, and are helping him to cut his costs, as well as reduce the carbon footprint. Eco-takeouts are very popular with staff who say they are a great idea.

Tickhill Hospital

From: Richard Dawtry, Catering Manager, Tickhill Hospital 
We have been using Johnsons as a key supplier of light catering equipment for over 3 years and their service is always exemplary. Lynn and her team are a font of knowledge where catering equipment is concerned and are able to suggest a best fit solution for all our light equipment needs, saving us money and time in the process.  Their expertise is invaluable.

Stepping Stones Nursery

From: Joyce Hughes, Office Manager, Stepping Stones Nursery (Weston) Ltd 
Re: Melamine Plates

Our order arrived yesterday - fantastic quality items and far superior to any we have purchased in the last 5 years since we opened.  I am so glad we found you!  We will retain your catalogue for future orders.

Please also thank everyone at your end for their courtesy and efficiency.  You are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Orton Longueville School

From: Penny Cooper, Facilities Co-ordinator, Orton Longueville School 
Orton Longueville School has always been exceedingly pleased with the service and support provided by Johnsons Catering Equipment Ltd.  The company's representatives are friendly, keen to help and on more than one occasion have 'gone the extra mile'  to ensure that the School receives exactly the right piece of equipment for our specific needs.

Stanground College

From: Emma Buffoni, Catering Manager 
The Cambro Carts I have purchased are fabulous.  I have a playground break service and lunchtime service with both carts.  They take easily £100 per service equal to a till point inside.  

They are virtually indestructible and believe me, they have been tested to the limit.  The red one is nearly 4 years old and is still going strong.

They also are of great use for BBQs, the school fete and football tournaments that I hold here annually, by keeping the cold things cold and the hot things hot.

The Cambro Cart is such an integral part of the school that when choosing the cashless catering supplier a requirement was that they had to be able to supply two wireless mobile units with biometric capability to use on the Carts.

I can not speak highly enough of them.

Emma Buffoni
Catering Manager
Stanground College

George Spencer Academy

From: Tanya Jackson, Catering Manager 
At George Spencer Academy we use the eco-takeout containers for staff on duty to have their meals in. We have had them for over 2 years now and they go through the dishwasher every day and still look as good as new with no discolouration. We have reduced the amount of waste we send to landfill, and there have been huge savings compared with buying disposable containers. We would definitely purchase again and recommend the containers.